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Remote Controller & CFO

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We offer part time accounting leadership for your business on an outsourced basis. I can guide you through the process of identifying pain points, profit margins, and potential growth, with an eye on the future as well as the bottom line. Due to hands-on skills and deep accounting experience, a part-time controller is an ideal choice for a small company that can’t justify a full-time controller. 

Unlike the long recruiting process for a full time employee, a part-time controller is usually available for duty within a week and will be goal, task, and results focused from day one.

Zach is highly skilled in these areas:

  • Decision-making Indicators (Metrics)
  • Cash Flow Optimization
  • Accounting Best Practices
  • Financial Systems Improvement
  • GAAP and Financial Reporting
  • Financial Restructuring and Investment Strategies
  • Exit Preparation
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